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Our diverse portfolio of clients spans many industries.

Our goal is to exceed expectations by fully understanding your needs and offering creative solutions. Below are two examples of our innovative resolutions:

Douglas College video conference room:

Douglas College is a post secondary institution with three campuses in the metro Vancouver area. The college serves close to 15,000 students each year, with a teaching staff of over 500.

In 2010, Douglas College required an incredibly cost-effective video conferencing and e-learning multi-purpose room that had to be designed and installed within an extremely tight timeline. 

McMedia was able to successfully utilize and manage their suppliers and resources for the client to have this ambitious project user-ready, on time, and at a fraction of what other comparable installations would have cost. The completed project, with a typical turn-around time of three months, was conceived, installed, implemented and fully functional within three weeks.

Jimmy Pattison Group boardroom presentation:

The Jimmy Pattison Group is Canada's third largest privately held company with divisions in illuminated outdoor signs, media, automotive, packaging and other ventures.

McMedia handles staging, backdrops, lighting, execution and installation of all audio visual equipment. Experienced installers are always on site to ensure everything is carried out smoothly and according to plan. 

This was the case at the Jimmy Pattison Group Vancouver offices when a 15-foot glass screen needed to be installed in the boardroom on the16th floor of the building. Unfortunately, the building's elevator wasn't tall enough to accommodate the glass and using a crane in downtown Vancouver was simply out of the question. Owner, Graham McGlashan was creative and resourceful enough to contact the elevator company to allow him to put the glass on TOP of the elevator, allowing him to safely transport and install the glass screen into the 16th floor boardroom.